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  Q: What's the difference between a shoe tree and a stretcher?

  A: updated (26/03/2012)

There is only a small difference between the two accessories: both are inserted in to a shoe to stretch and help maintain it's original shape. Shoe tree's and stretcher's are typically used in conjunction with men's formal leather shoe's - such as a man's oxford shoe - and help to prevent the leather from cracking and creasing. Finally, both accessories can absorb moisture from the fabric lining. The difference between the two accessories is in their design: a shoe tree tends to be a more simplistic tool, with a basic plastic or wooden dome attached with a spiral spring; whereas a shoe stretcher tends to be more elaborate, with the capability of stretching the width and length of a shoe. Finally a shoe stretcher has holes placed within it's dome: a plug can be placed with the holes, to stretch specific points where the owners suffer from corns and other foot health problems.


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