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  Q: Can socks help to relieve health problems?

  A: updated (14/02/2012)

Yes they can, but they only serve a minor function. Thermal socks can help insulate heat to provide relief for those suffering from diabetics and poor circulation. Some other socks provide extra cushioning and padding for the toes, arch and the heel: which can provide pain relief for a vast array of health problems. Then there are socks which provide ventilation and anti-microbial agents to combat sweaty and smelly feet, through the utilization of anti odor properties. Another function of socks is in the material they are made from: some socks use antistatic yarn to aid evaporation, reducing odors and the possibility of blistering. Ultimately, there are many functions that socks can perform, highlighted above is some of the common roles they can play to combat health problems.


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