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  Q: Are there products to cover deep leather shoe scuffs?

  A: updated (27/03/2012)

There is a multitude of such products: Timpson are one such company who have developed and marketed their own brand of "Scuff Cover". Scuff cover products are sometimes referred to as a "Shoe Restorer". Scuff cover products usually comes in either a metal can or a plastic bottle. You will need to pick the correct colour of scuff cover to match your leather shoes/boots: such as black, brown or navy. The ingredients of a scuff cover product vary from product to product: Timpson, for example, use a water based pigmented liquid. Scuff cover products usually include a sponge applicator: you will shake the can/bottle, then press the sponge - located at the head of the can/bottle - against the scuff you are trying to cover.


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