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  Q: What price should I pay for shoe polish?

  A: updated (29/03/2012)

Shoe polish is fairly inexpensive: you should expect to pay anywhere from £1.40 to £10 for a shoe polish product. Shoe polish comes in a number of guises, such as; polish paste found in tin; polish cream found in a tin or bottle; polish liquid found in an aerosol can. On the whole, a polish paste is the cheapest option, costing £1.40, creams cost a little bit more, and aerosol cans are usually upwards of £4.

KIWI are one of the most prominent - and one of least expensive - manufacturer's of shoe polish products: they currently have a market share approaching 50%. Shoe polish is a niche business, it's volume of sales is fairly low, profitability likewise: due to the longevity of the product, and the popularity of canvas and fabric footwear.


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