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  Q: Is Nike AIR a trademark and patent?

  A: updated (26/04/2012)

Yes, it is a trademark, and was a patent licensed to Nike - US number 4219945 - the patent appears to have expired during the year 1997, allowing other companies to develop their own "Air" mechanisms. The mechanism/technology of the Nike Air capsule was invented by Marion F Rudy, and licensed to Nike. If you are oblivious to what a Nike Air bubble is: it's described within it's patent as a polyurethane plastic capsule, filled with inert gas, which is placed within the midsole or outsole of footwear.

Marion F Rudy is also responsible for another US patent - number 4340626 - which is essential to the functionality of the Nike AIR capsule. This patent covers the technique in which the gas is trapped within the capsule.


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