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  Q: What accessories are there to lessen the pain of high heels?

  A: updated (20/03/2012)

High heels tend to be one of the most painful shoes to wear, and one of the most problematic to find pain relief solutions for. Due to many insoles and other solutions being too cumbersome and unsuitable for delicate shoes, what you need is something delicate, which retains the appearance of the shoe - therefore, discreet. The only product which fits this criteria is invisible gel cushions. There can be placed on three separate locations,

  1. Ball of the foot
  2. Heel
  3. Back of the ankle

Gel cushions are made to be ultra shin - therefore, they help to relief pain and not remove it completely. Alongside pain relief, gel cushions help to lessen rubbing and irritation of tight fighting high heels. Two well respected companies who manufacture invisible gel cushioning products are Scholl and Kiwi.


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