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  Q: Is the oxford a formal shoe?


A: updated (21/02/2012)

Yes, the oxford is a formal leather men's shoe, and is perhaps the most commonly worn formal shoe for men. The oxford can come in a range of style - such as the wingtip - but, the classic oxford design features a top cap, five eyelet's for laces, a simple seam running around the eyelet's; but, overall, a fairly plain vamp devoid of elaborate stitching.

As you may have guessed, the origins of the shoe can be traced back to the city of Oxford in England, and specifically Oxford University. The oxford shoe is believed to have evolved from an unpopular boot worn by the students in the 19th century. While the term "oxford" refers to a specific shoe, highlighted above, in the United Kingdom; in the United States of America it can refer to a multitude of formal men's shoes.


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