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  Q: What decade were Nike Blazer's released?

  A: updated (29/02/2012)

The Nike Blazer was released in 1973; therefore, the decade the Nike Blazer was made and released for sale to the general public was the 1970's. The Blazer was designed as a basketball sneaker/hi-top, and competed against the monopoly the Converse All-star had within the ABA and NBA. The first professional Basketball player to wear the shoe was George Gervin, when he played for the Virginia Squires and San Antonio Spurs in 1973.

Due to the popularity in retro trainers from the 1970's, a range of vintage Nike Blazer's have been released. Harking back to the simplicity of sneakers before the air bubbles of the 80's, the Blazer range has a selection of shoes which were either released by Nike in the 70's, or are inspired by their 70's shoes. The "Nike Blazer Vintage" are the shoes which are either an exact replication or a near copy of the original Blazer shoes.


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