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  Q: What is the purpose of metal segs for footwear?

  A: updated (10/04/2012)

The purpose of metal segs is to protect and repair the sole of shoes and boots. Over time, due to a number of reasons - such as poor posture or badly designed footwear - the sole and heel of footwear often becomes uneven. The metal seg is hammered into the part of the sole or heel to combat the erosion of that part of the shoe/boot; or, placed there, in the expectation of damage occurring to that section of the sole/heel. Segs are usually placed on the tip of the toes, or the edge of the heel: the two area's which most typically erode first. Segs can be hammered in at home, or by a cobbler.

The leading manufacturer of metal segs is Blakey's. The company was founded in 1902, and continues to manufacture their segs in Leeds.


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