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  Q: Should slip-on loafers feature laces?

  A: updated (23/04/2012)

Classically loafers do not feature laces; at most, they contain a decorative item such as a tassel. The picture below display's the classic design of a loafer: as you can see, it features neither a laces nor a tongue; instead, the vamp - as highlighted - extends further up the foot, so as to ensure the shoe does not slip off.

There are a few example's of manufacturer's making loafers with laces - such as Armani - but, it's debatable whether these shoes can be described as a loafer, but rather as a cross between a loafer and another style of shoe. As the image above shows, the loafer is a distinctive slip-on shoe, a unique design which is hard to mistake for anything but.


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