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  Q: What is a Hi-top?

  A: updated (02/02/2012)

Consumers in the UK will probably be unfamiliar with the phrase 'Hi-top': it's an American term used to refer to ankle high sports shoes, used in sports such as Basketball. In the past a hi-top was usually referred to as a boot in the UK, or an ankle high sports shoe. Due to the popularity of the World Wide Web, UK sports retailers are now referring to these shoes as hi-tops, so as not to confuse US customers. Some of the most popular hi-tops ever sold include the Adidas Freemont, Nike Air Force and Converse All Star Hi. The hi-top has generally sold in greater quantity in the US, because the hi-top is used in Basketball: a sport that is extremely popular in the US, but not so in the UK or Europe.


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