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  Q: I was given a gift card for a footwear retailer, is there a set period
  it's valid for?

  A: updated (06/02/2012)

The gift card will usually indicate how long it is valid for. This period is at the discretion of the retailer; some retailer will give 6 months, others 12 months, others 24 months, and some an indefinite period of time. If the card does not state the time the card is valid for, check the faq/help page of the retailer, and if that doesn't help, contact them via email or the telephone. If you do not use the gift card in the period it is valid for, the retailer will usually forfeit the ability to use the card and not provide a replacement card. If you have ordered with a gift card, and want a refund for the order, the retailer will usually provide the refund in another gift card, not cash.


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