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  Q: How can I know the shoes I am buying are genuine?

  A: updated (02/02/2012)

There are many sellers online willing to sell fakes to unwitting customers. Typically auction sites like eBay are the place most fakes are found. Why?, it takes under an hour to create a seller account, and you can remain largely anonymous. With a stand alone website the effort and cost required in setting up the process is extended considerable. That's not to say you can't find many e-tailers selling fakes. If a deal looks too good to be true then it probably will be. If you have not heard of the company, they do not provide a real world address and contact telephone number, their prices are massively reduced then your taking a calculated gamble. You can play it safe by visiting retailers online like 'JD Sports' (over 100 real world stores), where you can be certain your buying genuine products. Quite a few online retailers may not be selling counterfeits, but it could be second quality items. Peace of mind will be a guarantee on the site that all items are 100% genuine and will come in their original packaging and documentation.


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