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  Q: What type of footwear are Espadrilles?


A: updated (22/02/2012)

The espadrille is a traditional shoe which originates from the Pyrenees - an area which encompasses the South of France and the North of Spain. A simple shoe, which is comprised of rope and canvas, it's ideal for warm climates and the summer months. The most iconic feature of the espadrille is a seam of rope running around the edge of the sole. The espadrille is still widely worn in; France, Spain, Italy, and numerous South American countries.

It would be fair to say that the espadrille is a rustic looking shoe, which, perhaps, could be viewed as belonging to a bygone age. However, the shoe has proved popular of late, and is cost effective, the above espadrille costing as little as £4 from a leading UK retailer.


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