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  Q: What is a customs charge (overseas shoes order)?

  A: updated (02/02/2012)

If you have ordered shoes from outside of the UK and European Union, then HM Customs and Excise will check the declaration (provided by the sender) of your order to see if excise duty, import VAT and customs duty are chargeable upon your order (as of 2011). Whether customs duty will be chargeable will depend upon the value of the shoes you have ordered. As of 2011, if the shoes cost less than £9 then the customs duty and import VAT will be waived. If the shoes cost between £9 and £135 (more than likely) you will have to pay import VAT but there will not be any customs duty. If your shoes order was greater than £135.01, then you will be charged both import VAT and customs duty. Royal Mail will normally send you a letter notifying you of any customs duty, and the instructions on how to pay it. If you disagree with application of customs duty to your shoes order, then you can request a review of the decision.


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