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  Q: Is there such a thing as a boot tree?

  A: updated (02/04/2012)

There is, but, due to shoes being more prevalent than boots, a boot tree is a niche item that is rarely stocked by wholesale traders. The boot tree does come in two configurations,

  1. Ankle high boot trees
  2. Knee high boot trees

You could possible classify the above image for knee high boots as a "shaper" or "stretcher" rather than a boot tree, but, they are commonly referred to, and, sold as, boot trees. The problem with a shoe, or, a boot tree, is that, in an ideal world they need to be custom designed for the boot or shoe in question. The downside with a boot tree which isn't custom designed - therefore ill fitting - is that it will have it's work cut out to stretch the boots sole. Custom designed boot tree's can cost upwards of £300.


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