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  Q: Do boat shoes adhere to a specific design?


A: updated (23/02/2012)

Yes they do. The boating shoe was invented by Paul Sperry in 1935: named the Sperry Topsider, it's the traditional design for a boating shoe, one which other manufacturer's adhere to. Boat shoes, as the name would suggest, are designed to be of use on sailing boats. They feature a flat rubber sole to provide maximum grip on wooden decking, and the upper is reminiscent of a moccasin. The sole of a boating shoe features siping - a pattern of slips cut into the rubber - to provide grip.

A traditional boat shoe usually features just two eyelet's for laces, which provides a long spacious vamp. There is no specific colour boat shoes are meant to be; Sperry Topsiders, a boating shoe manufacturer with 75 years experience, has a range of twenty five different colour settings. Likewise, the materials used for a boating shoe's upper varies, from suede to leather, canvas and napa.


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