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  Q: Will not deliver shoes to a BFPO address, what's that?

  A: updated (06/02/2012)

BFPO refers to British Forces Post Office. The BFPO has it's headquarters at RAF Northolt, which is a Royal Air Force base situated at South Ruislip, Uxbridge, Borough of Hillingdon, West London. The role of the BFPO is to provide a postal service to UK armed services which are located either in the UK, or serving abroad in places such as the Falkland Islands. Retailers on the Internet can use the BFPO to process orders for personnel serving abroad, but, due to the shipping procedures the retailer must process, not all retailer will ship to a BFPO address. An example of a BFPO address would be as follows,

12546628 LCPL K Smith
PDL Company
18 Loamshire Regt


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