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  Q: Which shoe is Asics flagship running trainer?

  A: updated (23/04/2012)

As you may have become aware, Asics have a vast array of running/sports shoes, which can bewilder a first time buyer. Overall the GEL-KAYANO is viewed as Asics primary running shoe, their flagship trainer as you put it. The GEL-KAYANO is currently in it's eighteenth version, and is simple named the "GEL-KAYANO 18". The GEL-KAYANO has been designed to specifically aid people who overponate whilst running: this is where the foot naturally turn's inward, and can cause the arch of the foot to collapse. Asics tend to cram alot of technology into their shoes, and the GEL-KAYANO is no different: it features a GEL Cushioning System, Dynamic DuoMax, Trusstic System and I.G.S. The majority of these technological innovations are aimed towards providing cushioning and lowering the risk of injury.


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