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Adidas Introduction
Menu bullet: Adidas Introduction A brief history of a German sportswear company
Adidas is a German sportswear company. Adidas write their brand name with a lower case letter A: adidas rather than Adidas. Adidas is pronounced as 'adi das' in Europe, but is pronounced as 'a di das' in North America.

Bullet Adidas Three Stripes: the iconic trademarked design
Subject: The three stripes of Adidas, also referred to as three parallel bars or three parallel lines.

Bullet Herzogenaurach: hometown of Adidas, and location of it's headquarters
Subject: Herzogenaurach is a German town, located in Bavaria, that is the hometown of Adidas.

Bullet Trefoil logo: released by Adidas in 1971
Subject: The original logo of Adidas is named the trefoil logo and was used by Adidas until 1997.

Bullet Adidas Logo: how it's evolved since the 1970's
Subject: Rob Strasser, previously Nike's marketing guru, was employed by Adidas to create a new brand image.

Bullet Adidas' marketing strategy: sponsoring top athletes and sports celebrities
Subject: Adidas has built the success of their brand by endorsements from sports stars.

Bullet Adidas' sponsorship of the Olympic Games
Subject: Adidas' legendary 'Samba' football boot was created in 1950, worn at an early world cup.

Bullet Adidas' sponsorship of the FIFA World Cup
Subject: The fifa world cup is held every year and is sponsored by blue chip companies like Adidas .....

Adidas History
Menu bullet: Adidas History Adidas are founded by Adolf "Adi" Dassler in 1949
Adolf "Adi" Dassler is the founder of the sportswear company Adidas. He founded Adidas in 1949, and the headquarters of the company were located in Herzogenaurach, Germany.

Bullet Dassler Brothers Shoe Factory (1928)
Subject: Their coming-of-age success was probably persuading the bronze winning 100 metres sprinter.

Bullet The family feud between Puma and Adidas (1948)
Subject: The rivalry and family feud of the Dassler brothers has always been a popular topic.

Bullet Rudolf Dassler: founder of sporting goods company Ruda (Puma) (1948)
Subject: The company name 'Ruda' was a combination of the first two letters of Rudolf Dassler.

Bullet Beckenbauer tracksuit: the first Adidas clothing / apparel (1967)
Subject: The Adidas Beckenbauer sneaker is named in honour of the famous footballer.

Bullet The "Pele Pact" between Adidas and PUMA (1970)
Subject: Pele, born Edson Arantes do Nascimento, is a Brazilian footballer who won 3 world cups.

Bullet Adidas Telstar: the FIFA 1970 and 1974 World Cup matchball (1970)
Subject: The Telstar was a leather football that incorporated polymer - at the 1974 World Cup.

Bullet Adidas Tango: Durlast, River Plate, Espana, Mundial, Sevilla, Europa, Seoul (1978)
Subject: The Adidas Tango is a matchball that was originally designed for the 1978 FIFA World Cup.

Bullet Casuals, a UK youth culture, popularise Adidas trainers (1980)
Subject: In the 1980's, the popularity of Adidas sneakers increased due to U.S. hip hop musicians.

Bullet Katherina "Kathe" Dassler, wife of Adidas founder Adolf Dassler, becomes president (1978)
Subject: Katherina "Kathe" Dassler was the wife of Adidas founder Adolf Dassler.

Bullet International Sport and Leisure: Horst Dassler's influential sports marketing company (1982)
Subject: Horst Dassler, marketing 'master' of Adidas in the 1970's, co-founded this marketing company.

Bullet Horst Dassler becomes president of Adidas (1984)
Subject: Horst Dassler was the president of Adidas from 1984-1987.

Bullet Adidas Azteca: the first synthetic FIFA World Cup matchball (1986)
Subject: The Adidas Azteca is the first synthetic FIFA World Cup matchball; used in Mexico in 1986.

Bullet My Adidas: a single released by RUN DMC (1986)
Subject: "My Adidas" was a single released by RUN DMC in 1986; non-athletic brand promotion.

Bullet Dassler family ownership of Adidas ends (1987)
Subject: The key events of 1987 included: UK Prime Minister Thatcher winning a rare third term.

Bullet Bernard Tapie becomes the majority owner of Adidas (1989)
Subject: Bernard Tapie is perhaps best known for being the president of Olympique de Marseille club.

Bullet Adidas bases it's future upon technological innovation (1990)
Subject: The late 1980's were a traumatic period for Adidas: they evolved from family ownership.

Bullet Adidas Streetball: a global youth basketball tournament (1992)
Subject: Adidas Streetball is a basketball tournament that was originally held in Germany in the 1990's.

Bullet Robert Louis-Dreyfus: the new CEO and saviour of Adidas (1993)
Subject: Robert Louis-Dreyfus was a French businessman who served as CEO for Saatchi & Saatchi.

Bullet Adidas-Salomon AG: a new aktiengesellschaft is created (1997)
Subject: The Salomon Group was a sportswear company that owned a range of sports brands.

Bullet Adidas and David Beckham: a relationship is born (1997)
Subject: The most important sports star who has endorsed Adidas products in the past 20 year.

Bullet World of Sports: adidas-Salomon AG new headquarters (1998)
Subject: The 'World of Sports' headquarters, located on the outskirts of Herzogenaurach.

Bullet Adidas Tricolore: first official multi-coloured matchball (1998)
Subject: The Adidas Tricolore "Adidas Three Colours" is the first multi-coloured matchball football.

Bullet Herbert Hainer: appointed the new CEO of Adidas (2001)
Subject: Herbert Hainer was appointed CEO of Adidas in 2001, and has remained as CEO (2015).

Bullet Adidas and FC Bayern Munich: adidas acquire 9% of Bayern's shares (2002)
Subject: Adidas and FC Bayern Munich have a longer partnership; 8% ownership of the club.

Bullet Adidas by Yohji Yamamoto (Y-3): avant-garde footwear and sneakers (2002)
Subject: Adidas by Yohji Yamamoto is a range of avant-garde apparel, footwear and sneakers.

Bullet Adidas by Stella McCartney: sports performance clothing and fashion (2004)
Subject: Adidas by Stella McCartney is a range of sports performance clothing and fashion.

Bullet Reebok: a sports brand acquired by Adidas (2005)
Subject: Reebok is a sports brand that is owned by Adidas AG, and is a part of the Adidas Group.

Bullet Adidas Group (AG): a new corporate group is founded (2006)
Subject: The Adidas Group (AG) is located at the following address: Adi-Dassler-Strasse 1, 91074.

Bullet Adidas and Lionel Messi: signs his first five-year boot contract (2006)
Subject: Lionel Messi signed his first football boot deal with Adidas in 2006: £400,000 per year.

Bullet Porsche Design Sport: sportswear fashion label designed by Adidas (2007)
Subject: Porsche Design Sport is a sportswear fashion label that is designed by Adidas for Porsche.

Bullet Adidas NEO: teenage fashion label (2009)
Subject: Adidas NEO is a fashion label that was conceived in 2009 and was fully launched in 2012.

Bullet Five Ten: Adidas purchase the outdoor footwear company for $25 million (2011)
Subject: After slipping during a descent in 1985, Charles Cole designed climbing shoes.

Bullet Adidas sign ten year Manchester United kit deal (2014)
Subject: In 2014, Adidas signed a deal to make Mancheter United's football kit: will be worth £750million.

Bullet Adidas HomeCourt: a new global retail store concept (2014)
Subject: Adidas HomeCourt is a new store concept, launched by Adidas in 2014; 25 new stores.

Bullet Adidas Originals Neighbourhood: a new concept store (2014)
Subject: On the 1st of April, 2015, Adidas announced the opening of a 'Adidas Originals Neighbourhood'.

Bullet Adidas Futurecraft 3D: midsole tailored to an individual's foot (2015)
Subject: This shoe features a 3D-printed midsole that can tailored to the contours of an individual foot.

Adidas Footwear
Menu bullet: Adidas Shoes Adidas Gazelles: all purpose cult classic sneaker
Adidas Gazelle, simple referred to as "Gazelles", are an all purpose sneaker that have proved a 'cult classic'; popularised by the 'mod' and 'casual' subcultures of the UK and the hiphop subculture of the United States.

Bullet Adidas Originals: heritage sneakers from the 1950's, 1960's and 1970's
Subject: Adidas Originals are Adidas heritage products released in the 1950's, 1960's, 1970's and 1980's.

Bullet Adidas Colourways: the colour pattern of Adidas sneakers
Subject: A colourway is the terminology that Adidas uses to describe the the colour pattern of a shoe.

Bullet Adidas Samba: football training shoe and casual sneaker (1950)
Subject: The Adidas Samba is a football training shoe that was designed in 1950; iconic sneaker.

Bullet Adidas ROM: all-round training shoe released in the 1950's (1958)
Subject: The Adidas ROM was moderately popular with 'casuals' in the 1980's; "collected" away trips.

Bullet Adidas Pro Model: hi-top basketball sneaker with a rubber shell toe (1965)
Subject: The Adidas Pro Model was released in 1965, and is a hi-top basketball sneaker with a shell toe.

Bullet Adidas Achill: running shoe that protects the Achilles tendon (1968)
Subject: Adidas Achill attempted to protect runners against Achilles tendon injuries; reinforced hee.

Bullet Adidas Superstar: low-cut shelltoe basketball sneaker (1969)
Subject: The Adidas Superstar is a basketball sneaker that was originally released in 1969.

Bullet Adidas Rod Laver: mesh lowtop tennis shoe (1970)
Subject: The Adidas Rod Laver is a tennis shoe that was endorsed by the Australian player Rod Laver.

Bullet Adidas Kareem Abdul-Jabbar: mid-top and low-cut basketball sneakers (1971)
Subject: Kareem Abdul-Jabbar was a professional basketball player who played twenty years in the NBA.

Bullet Adidas Stan Smith: iconic all white tennis sneaker (1971)
Subject: A tennis sneaker that was released in 1971, and was named after the tennis player Stan Smith.

Bullet Adidas Americana: official basketball sneaker of the ABA (1971)
Subject: The Adidas Americana was released in 1971, and was designed as the official sneaker of the ABA.

Bullet Adidas Adilette: the first Adidas sandals (1972)
Subject: The Adidas Adilette are the first Adidas sandals, and they were originally released in 1972.

Bullet Adidas SL 72: running shoe released for the Munich Olympic Games (1972)
Subject: The Adidas SL 72 is a running shoe, designed for use in a range of running pursuits.

Bullet Adidas Dragon: suede and mesh running shoes (1970's)
Subject: Adidas Dragon are suede and mesh running shoes, released in the 1970's; light weight runners.

Bullet Adidas Country: all-round cross-country running shoe (1970)
Subject: The Adidas Country is an all-round running shoe, suitable for cross-country running.

Bullet Adidas Half Shell: basketball sneaker with a half shelltoe (1974)
Subject: The shoe's name is sometimes confused with the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles franchise.

Bullet Adidas Trimm-Trab: general purpose exercise / keep fit sneaker (1975)
Subject: The name itself, 'Trimm', is referring to 'keep yourself fit' or 'keep yourself trim'.

Bullet Adidas Nizza: canvas upper and vulcanised rubber outsole (1975)
Subject: The Adidas Nizza is a canvas sneaker, released in 1975, that is Adidas' 'copy' of the Converse All Star.

Bullet Adidas TRX: light weight canvas jogging shoe (1976)
Subject: The Adidas TRX is a popular lightweight canvas jogging shoe that was released in 1976.

Bullet Adidas Nastase: tennis shoe endorsed by Ilie Nastase (1978)
Subject: The Adidas Nastase is a modified version of the Adidas Rod Laver tennis shoe.

Bullet Adidas Tobacco: all-round suede sneaker (1978)
Subject: The suede upper of the Adidas Tobacco has not undergone additional brushing or sanding.

Bullet Adidas Munchen: indoor sports training shoe (1979)
Subject: The Adidas Munchen was released in 1979, and was designed to be an indoor training shoe.

Bullet Adidas Forest Hills: tennis shoe named after the US Open venue (1979)
Subject: The shoe is named in honour of the West Side Tennis Club: a private tennis club in the US.

Bullet Adidas Copa Mundial: football boot released for the 1982 World Cup (1979)
Subject: The Copa Mundial is Adidas' best selling football boot that has been manufactured since 1979.

Bullet Adidas Spezial: sneaker that was designed for indoor handball (1979)
Subject: Handball was played at two venues at the 1980 Olympic Games: Sokolniki Sports Palace.

Bullet Adidas Top Ten: hi-top basketball sneaker used in the NBA (1979)
Subject: The Adidas Top Ten is a hi-top basketball sneaker that was used by leading NBA players.

Bullet Adidas Campus: low-top sneaker popularised by the Beastie Boys (1980)
Subject: The Campus has been released in a range of versions: Campus 80s, Campus 2, Campus Nigo.

Bullet Adidas Beckenbauer Allround: sneaker released to honour Franz Beckenbauer's retirement (1982)
Subject: The Adidas Beckenbauer Allround is a sneaker that was released for Beckenbauer's retirement.

Bullet Adidas Hamburg: part of the City Series of adidas sneakers (1982)
Subject: The Adidas Hamburg is a sneaker, originally released in 1982, that was part of the City Series.

Bullet Adidas City Series: range of sneakers named after European cities (1982)
Subject: The Adidas City Series was a range of sneakers released in 1982.

Bullet Adidas Island Series: includes the Samoa, Hawaii and Tahiti sneakers (1982)
Subject: In the 1980's Adidas released two popular shoes collections: 1) Island Series; 2) City Series.

Bullet Adidas Oregon: features Dellinger Web midsole reinforcement technology (1982)
Subject: The Adidas Oregon is an all-purpose running shoe that is iconic for featuring 'Dellinger Web'.

Bullet Adidas Adicolor: customise sneakers with concept art (1983)
Subject: Adicolor was a product that was originally released by Adidas in the early 1980's.

Bullet Adidas ZX 500: the first shoe of the ZX series (1984)
Subject: The ZX 500 was released to coincide with the 1984 Los Angeles Olympic Games.

Bullet Adidas LA: sneaker designed for the 1984 Olympic Games (1984)
Subject: The Adidas LA sneaker was designed for the 1984 Olympic Games, which were held in Los Angeles.

Bullet Adidas Pro Shell: shelltoe sneaker with a velcro strap (1984)
Subject: The upper of the Adidas Pro Shell is made from soft suede; popular basketball hi-top sneaker.

Bullet Adidas Micropacer: first running shoe to feature a computer (1984)
Subject: The Adidas Micropacer was one of the first running shoes that featured a microprocessor.

Bullet Adidas Forum: velcro-strapped basketball sneaker (1986)
Subject: The Adidas Forum is a basketball sneaker that was used in the NBA during the late 1980's.

Bullet Adidas Stefan Edberg: tennis shoe named after the Swedish tennis player (1986)
Subject: The tennis shoe that was released in 1986, and was endorsed by the former Swedish number one.

Bullet Adidas Attitude: basketball sneaker with perforated toe area (1987)
Subject: The Attitude was endorsed and worn by professional basketball players in the NBA.

Bullet Adidas Ultrastar: shell toe sneaker with optional Run-DMC tongue patch (1987)
Subject: The Adidas Ultrastar is a shell toe sneaker that was released in 1987; endorsed by RUN-DMC.

Bullet Adidas ZX 8000: first running shoe to have Torsion System (1988)
Subject: Adidas claim that in 1989 a new world record was set at the Rotterdam Marathon by a runner.

Bullet Adidas Artillery: mid-top and hi-top basketball sneaker (1991)
Subject: Joe Dumars wore Adidas Artillery sneakers when he won the 1989 MVP title.

Bullet Adidas Allegra: shoe made for runners who overpronate (1993)
Subject: The Adidas Allegra is a shoe that is designed for road running; helps casual runners.

Bullet Adidas Equipment Racing: running shoe with air mesh upper (1993)
Subject: The Equipment Racing is a light weight shoe that is made using a 'air mesh' material.

Bullet Adidas Predator: revolutionary football boot with rubber ridges (1994)
Subject: The Adidas Predator is an iconic and evolutionary football boot that was released in 1994.

Bullet Adidas Adissage: unisex slides / flip flops (released after 1997)
Subject: The Adidas Adissage is a unisex sandal that sometimes incorporates Ultrafoam+ into the footbed.

Bullet Adidas KB8 / Crazy 8: basketball sneaker endorsed by Kobe Bryant (1997)
Subject: The shoe was released in 1997, but was renamed to 'Crazy 8' when Kobe Bryant switched brands.

Bullet Adidas Santiossage: uni-sex sandal with massage nubs (released after 1997)
Subject: The Adidas Santiossage is a unisex sandal that features a velcro strap with performance logo.

Bullet Adidas Barricade: tennis shoe with large toe guard (2000)
Subject: The Barricade is Adidas' marquee tennis shoe, and it has been used competitively by tennis players.

Bullet Adidas Busenitz: skate shoe designed for skateboarding (2000's)
Subject: The Adidas Busenitz is a skate shoe designed for skateboarding, it is part of the skateboarding range.

Bullet Adidas Lucas: skate shoe with suede upper (2000's)
Subject: Lucas Puig was born on the 31st of January, 1987, and grew up in the Midi-Pyrénées of France.

Bullet Adidas Duramo: single piece moulded EVA slide sandals (2000's)
Subject: The Duramo has a one piece design, that is 'fashioned' out of moulded EVA; Ethylene-vinyl acetate.

Bullet Adidas Climacool: running shoe with a 360 degree ventilation system (2002)
Subject: The Climacool is one of the first running shoes to features ventilation in the upper's fabric.

Bullet Adidas BSlim: hi-top sneakers with a canvas or leather upper (2009)
Subject: The BSlim has a retro design that is inspired from the hi-top sneakers worn in the 1950's and 1960's

Bullet Adidas Hoops: mid-top sneaker designed for basketball (2009)
Subject: The sneaker was designed in the 1980's style; like most of the basketball mid-top sneakers of that era.

Bullet Adidas Energy Boost: energy absorption and cushioning material (2013)
Subject: The Energy Boost material was co-developed with German chemical company Badische Anilin.

Bullet Adidas FX Flux: woven upper for sports-tech silhouettes (2013)
Subject: The Adidas ZX Flux is a modern running shoe that includs sports-tech silhouettes.

Bullet Adidas Tubular: running shoe based on a 1980's prototype (2014)
Subject: The Adidas Tubular is a running shoe, based upon prototype designs of the 1980's.

Bullet Adidas Supercolor: single colour sneakers (2014)
Subject: Adidas Supercolor are single colour sneakers that are part of the Adidas Originals.