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  Q: What shoe is a Vans Authentic?

  A: updated (28/02/2012)

Vans are a well known manufacturer of "skate" shoes - shoes which were originally designed for skateboarding and other urban pursuits, such as BMX riders and wakeboarders. Nowadays, Vans has become a brand which is no longer a niche product, but is worn as a casual fashion item. The Vans company was created in 1966 in Anaheim, California; it's first shoe was created for skateboarding and the design has remained the same ever since - it is now called the Vans Authentic.

The Authentic has a simple design, with a flat sole to provide maximum grip. The Authentic features a waffle bottom construction for it's sole, and is made from vulcanized rubber - a chemical process which increases durability. The upper of a Van Authentic is usually made from canvas, but there has been some designs made from leather. The pattern and colour of the upper/sole varies, with Vans releasing countless versions of the Authentic.


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