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  Q: Does Stabilicore aid pronators?

  A: updated (06/03/2012)

For those of you scratching your head about what Stabilicore is, it's a technology designed by New Balance for their running shoes. One of it's key benefits is to offer support/aid for runners who suffer from mild to severe pronation issues. As the name suggests, the role of Stabilicore is to provide stability for runners.

Released in 2009, New Balance have been somewhat cagey about the ongoing "advanced posting technology" they promised for the Stabilicore technology. The tagline for Stabilicore has remained the same since it's released, which is "Smoothes your transition from heel strike to toe-off". Which is a byword for saying it helps aid pronators: as pronation is developed as the heel strikes the ground.

Some of the New Balance shoes which feature Stabilicore are New Balance 1770, 1260, 1226, 1225, 1012, 940 and 850.


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