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  Q: What items should be in a shoe care kit?

  A: updated (27/03/2012)

At a minimum a shoe care kit should include the following items,

  • Suede brush
  • Two shoe brushes
  • Cloth
  • Tin of polish

Alongside the above, more elaborate shoe care kits could include the following: shoe horn, shoe tree, shoe shine sponge, duster, and a tin of cream. The minimum price to pay for a basic shoe care kit is about £5. The bag/container the kit is stored in will impact upon the price: a plastic duffle bag or a plastic wallet will cost next to nothing, unlike a leather pouch or a wooden valet box. The valet box is the premium item for storing shoe care products/kits; costing upwards of £60, they usually feature a foot rest on top of the box, so that you can polish your footwear while wearing them.


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