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Adidas History

BulletHerzogenaurach: "the town of bent necks"?: Date Added: 14/02/17
BulletWere Adolf and Rudolf Dassler members of the Nazi Party?: Date Added: 14/02/17
BulletIs the Adidas brand name uncapitalised, with a lower case "a"?: Date Added: 10/02/17
BulletAre the PUMA headquarters in Herzogenaurach?: Date Added: 08/02/17
BulletDid Sachin Tendulkar use an Adidas Cricket Bat?: Date Added: 07/02/17
BulletDid Adidas provide the 2014 World Cup Spain kit?: Date Added: 07/02/17
BulletKen Westerfield, did he endorse Adidas frisbee products?: Date Added: 06/02/17
BulletHas Chuck D worn Adidas?: Date Added: 03/02/16
BulletIs there a sculpture of Adi Dassler in Herzogenaurach?: Date Added: 02/02/16
Bullet"What a Dassler!" - Daily Sketch report of the Adidas Dassler football boot : Date Added: 16/09/16
Bullet3 Streifen The Brand - Die Weltmarke Mit Den 3 Streifen: Date Added: 06/09/16
BulletHeritage Adidas shoes endorsed by professional tennis players?: Date Added: 24/08/16
BulletOnline shop: when did Adidas open their online shop?: Date Added: 26/05/16
BulletAdidas (UK) Ltd: Address of the Head Office: Date Added: 29/04/16
BulletDo Adidas own Arc'Teryx, Bonfire and Mavic?: Date Added: 22/04/16
BulletAdidas Y-3 Store: 54 Conduit Street, W1S 2YY, London: Date Added: 21/04/16
BulletAdidas Store: located on high streets throughout the UK: Date Added: 21/04/16
BulletAdidas Stella Store London: 91-95 Fulham Road: Date Added: 20/04/16
BulletAdidas Outlet retail stores; UK locations: Date Added: 20/04/16
BulletAdidas Originals retail stores; originally opened in 2001: Date Added: 19/04/16
BulletYear that Adidas was incorporated (founded): 1949: Date Added: 19/04/16
BulletTicker Symbol: ADDYY - Adidas Group stock symbol: Date Added: 18/04/16
BulletDid Jessie Owens wear Adidas running shoes at the Berlin Olympics?: Date Added: 15/04/16
BulletAdidas Subsidiaries: companies owned by the Adidas Group AG: Date Added: 15/04/16
BulletFC Herzogenaurach: the football club supported by Puma: Date Added: 05/04/16
BulletASV Herzogenaurache: the football club supported by Adidas: Date Added: 05/04/16
BulletIs Adidas a portmanteau word of "Adi" and "Das"?: Date Added: 04/04/16
BulletHow did Armin Hary enrage Adolf and Rudolf Dassler?: Date Added: 30/03/16
BulletDid Credit Lyonnais sell Adidas for Bernard Tapie?: Date Added: 23/03/16
BulletAdidas initial public offer (IPO): 17th of November, 1995: Date Added: 23/03/16
BulletHistorical CEO list of Adidas: Date Added: 23/03/16
BulletIs Adidas a constituent of the DAX-30 index?: Date Added: 20/03/16
BulletIs Adidas listed on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange?: Date Added: 20/03/16
BulletIs Adidas a aktiengesellschaft?: Date Added: 20/03/16
BulletTMaG: what golf equipment company is it?: Date Added: 18/03/16
BulletDid Adidas sell Maxfli to Dick's Sporting Goods?: Date Added: 17/03/16
BulletDid Amer Sports buy the Solomon Group from Adidas?: Date Added: 10/03/16
BulletWho is on the Adidas executive board: Date Added: 07/03/16
BulletAdidas wins an EU trademark 'battle' for it's 'three stripes' design: Date Added: 26/02/16