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  Q: What is a Dellinger web for sneakers?

  A: updated (25/04/2012)

This is a shock absorption mechanism developed for the midsole of sneakers. This footwear innovation was named after one of it's inventors, William Dellinger; a three time Olympian, who worked alongside Bill Bowerman, one of the founders of Nike. Present day, the Dellinger web is more widely found upon Adidas trainers, such as the as Originals ZX 380.

The Dellinger webbing is wrapped around the midsole, and does not enter within it. The Dellinger web is a US patented mechanism - number: US Patent 4297796 - which is attributed to the inventors, Stirtz; Ronald H. (Eugene, OR), Dellinger; Bill (Eugene, OR). The patent states that the webbing strands are stretch-resistant, and, transmit the downward forces.


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