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  Q: Is ABZORB a solution for heel strike pain?

  A: updated (06/03/2012)

Well, that is the intention New Balance had, when they developed the ABZORB technology. ABZORB does have a number of applications, but, at it's core is providing comfort through it's shock absorption capability. The issue with New Balance shoes is that they come loaded with multiple technologies that are dependent upon each other to provide optimal results. As a consumer - even a knowledgeable consumer - when it comes to running shoes, it can leave you somewhat dazed and confused. For example, there is; ABZORB, ABZORB SBS, ABZORB FL, ABZORB Forefoot, ABZORB Insert and ABZORB Strobel Board; to complicate matters. What is without doubt, if your shoe features any of the above, then they are going to provide support for heel strike pain. But, perhaps the most ideal ABZORB technology to look for is ABZORB DTS: DTS stands for Dynamic Transition System, and features a DTS crash pad located on the heel to provide additional cushioning.


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