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     How do I measure the size of my feet?

     Then you can also leave marks at the widest part of your feet, if your concerned... more

Beginners guide to understanding the basics of footwear, such as finding the right size of shoe

  Questions dealing with common and non-specific footwear issues


  What is a modern day shoe?

  Are there any general fitting tips I should know of?

  I saw some shoes in continental (European) sizes, what is UK size for them?

  Is there different width sizes / fittings for shoes?

  Will a correct size fitting result in a comfortable shoe?

  Have you any footwear buying tips?

  What is a big and a small shoe size for ladies?

  What styles can I find for ladies shoes?

  I work on my feet all day, how do I keep my feet healthy?

  Can my feet be of a different size?

  What are the causes of feet sweating?

  What services does a cobbler provide?

  I am going on an extended holiday to Thailand, is it rude to display your feet's sole?


  What is a shank?

  What is a shoe stretcher?

  What is a shoe shine sponge?

  Are there sprays available for waterproofing shoes?

  What accessories are there to lessen the pain of high heels?

Looks into purchasing shoes from the Internet, issues with payment over the web and shipping from online orders

  Questions dealing with the sale and shipping of footwear orders online


  I plan to buy from a US site, will the sizes be the same?

  How can I know the shoes I am buying are genuine?

  The shoes I ordered were discounted a day later, can I be refunded the difference?

  Why do some retailers not list the width fittings for their shoes?

  Do retailers sell shoes in multi-width fittings?

  What does Petitfeet refer to?


  What methods of payment do shoe retailers accept?

  Can I buy shoes with paypal?

  Can I pay in US Dollars at UK footwear retailers?

  Why won't some shoe shops accept American Express?

  When should I be charged for my shoes?


  Can I buy shoes online with gift vouchers?

  Can online promotional codes for shoes be used instore?

  When and where can I find footwear promotions?

  I was given a gift card for a footwear retailer, is there a set period it's valid for?


  Can I track my shoes order (courier)?

  The courier says my shoes order number does not exist (tracking)?

  I missed the delivery of my shoes, what do I do now?

  Can I pick a date or time for my shoes delivery?

  How long do shoe deliveries take from the UK to America?

  Do online UK retailers deliver shoes outside of the United Kingdom?

  Do shoes require a signature upon receipt of delivery?

  What is the cost to deliver shoes outside of the UK?

  Will not deliver shoes to a BFPO address, what's that?


  Can I order shoes tax free from the UK?

  When did the UK increase VAT on shoes?

  Do I pay VAT for kids shoes in the UK?

  What is a customs charge (overseas shoes order)?

  Will I pay import duty on my shoes ordered from the UK?


  Is returning an online order easy?

  Returning shoes purchased from a 'Two for One' offer?

  What can I do if the shoes I order do not fit?

  Returning shoes received as a Christmas gift?

Caring for footwear to keep them in good conditon, how to look after leather and fabric shoes

  Questions dealing with shoe care

  Are there any maintenance tips I should know of?

  Are there any things to avoid in regards to maintenance?

  How should I protect my leather shoes?

  Any tips for shoe / foot hygiene?

  I need to get a new sole for my shoes, what options do I have?

  Can I use a washing machine to clean my shoes?

  Is there a quick and easy way to dry wet shoes?

  What parts of a formal leather shoe can be replaced?

  Can I replace a broken stiletto heel tip?

  I've just had my leather sole replaced, any tips?

  Is a shoe's leather sole porous?

  Should I clean suede / nubuck shoes with water only?

  How many hours are shoe deodorants effective for?

  What's the difference between a shoe tree and a stretcher?

  What materials are shoe horns made from?

  What items should be in a shoe care kit?

  Are there products to cover deep leather shoe scuffs?

  Can you dye leather shoes?

  What colours can a shoe be dyed?

  What price should I pay for shoe polish?

  Should I wear gloves when applying shoe polish?

  How can I restore the shape of my ankle high boots?

  Is there such a thing as a boot tree?

  What are shoe brush bristles made from?

  How many brushes do I need to polish my boots?

  What colours of polish are there?

  Are shoe polish stains impossible to remove?

  Can I use shoe polish on any leather product?

  What's the advantage of shoe cream vs wax polish?

  Are there deodorant dispensers for combating shoe odor?

  What is the purpose of metal segs for footwear?

  What accessories does a cobbler sell?

  How long will it take for a cobbler to mend my shoes?


  What is Urethane, what other materials are used in making footwear?

  Why is leather such a good material for shoes?

  How do I know which materials have been used in a shoe?

  Does the European Union have regulations for the sale of footwear?

  My shoes are made from porvair, what is it?

  Can shoes be made from Nubuck?

  Permair shoes, what are the benefits?

  What does a vulcanised sole mean?

  Are there any anti-bacterial solutions for the interior of shoes?

  In relation to shoes, what is moisture wicking?

  Is synthetic rubber used in the construction of footwear?

  Is artificial leather suitable for a shoe's upper?

  What is taibrelle, and what is it used for in footwear?

  What material is a breathable mesh made from for sneakers?

  Are there Earth friendly materials for shoes?

  What is a dropin / drop in midsole?

  What temperature is an outsole resistant to?

  The difference between Nubuck and Suede?

Deals with sneakers for sports such as Basketball and Tennis, and  for keeping fit in the gym and road running

  Questions dealing with shoes designed for sports and fitness activities


  Why do people call athletics shoes sneakers?

  What is a sneakerhead?

  Are counterfeits a problem in relation to classic sneakers?

  Are plimsolls and sneakers the same thing?

  What is a sandshoe?

  Where can I learn about sneakers and spot counterfeits?

  What is a Hi-top?

  What is a court shoe?

  What is a terrace shoe?

  What is a trail shoe?

  I am trying to lose weight by jogging, what running shoe should I buy?

  Do you have any fitting advice for Basketball shoes?

  What's the difference between Hi-top and Mid-top sneakers?

  What is a EVA midsole for a sneaker?

  What is a Waffle Outsole for a sneaker?

  What's a gum rubber sole do?

  What's the purpose of GEL cushioning for sneakers?

  Does Stabilicore aid pronators?

  Is ABZORB a solution for heel strike pain?

  How does a SPEVA midsole help athletes?

  Any suggestions for indoor football boots?


  What are Adidas Originals?

  What shoe is a Vans Authentic?

  When was the Converse All Star first released?

  What decade were Nike Blazer's released?

  What year was the Nike Dunk High 08 released?

  What sport was the Nike Cortez designed for?

  Is the Puma Gamepoint a tennis shoe?

  Could you name some makes of canvas sneakers?

  Do you have any sizing information for sports brands like Nike?

  What is PumaVision all about?

  Could you recommend a brand of lightweight hiking boots?

  Are Puma's classic retro trainers called Archive?

  Could you name an iconic squash trainer?

  Which shoe is Asics flagship running trainer?

  Could you recommend a good brand of unisex sneakers?

  What is a Dellinger web for sneakers?

  What does Reebok's DMX technology do?

  Why is there a rivalry between Adidas and Puma?

  Is Nike AIR a trademark and patent?

  What versions / types of Nike AIR are there?

  What's the history of the Nike Bruin?

A general take on which styles of shoes are popular and general description of classic styles such as the oxford and high heel stiletto

  Questions dealing with the styles and design of shoes


  What style of shoe is a brogue?

  Are there different types of high heels?

  What type of soles are there for Moccasin's?

  Is the oxford a formal shoe?

  What type of footwear are Espadrilles?

  Do boat shoes adhere to a specific design?

  Do wedge shoes have a standard height?

  Was the Wellington Boot always made from rubber?

  When colour can leather shoes be dyed?

  Should slip-on loafers feature laces?


  I'm looking for work boots, are there are any safety regulations for boots?

  Health and Safety regulations (UK) in relation to footwear and slips and trips?

  What is the work shoe standard - EN ISO 20345:2004?

  What are the green, yellow, red and white triangle badges on safety shoes?

  What's the code for safety shoes in the United States of America?

  Is there a safety shoe standard for Australia?


  Can I order orthopedic shoes online?

  What is foot orthotics?

  What's the purpose of a shoe insert?

  What's the function of shoe insoles?

  Can socks help to relieve health problems?

  How do heel cups function?

  What gel protection products are there for feet?

  What solutions is there for bunions?

  What do toe splints do?


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